About the Conference

Navigating the Journey from Civil Rights to Economic Justice

A Platform

where accomplished leaders, orators and business owners share their experience

An Environment

of celebration, challenge and empowerment

A Place

for learning and developing better business practices

An Opportunity

to inspire the next generation

A word from the Conference Hosts

Navigating the Journey from Civil Rights to Economic Justice has always been at the forefront, has always been the under-girding and has always provided the momentum for the A.G. Gaston Conference. Our team understood that enterprise development, succeeding in business, and generating revenue were keys to economic empowerment.

History has shown us that where businesses flourish, so do communities. We've known for some time that we must foster more discussions about the connections between economics, politics, and quality of life. We firmly believe that the example set by A.G. Gaston - promoting thrift, discipline, and ingenuity - was one to follow. We know that the seeds we are sowing will help the next group of A.G. Gastons, business owners, thought leaders and philanthropists, assume their places in the forefront of this economic empowerment movement.


Gaynelle Jackson

Robert Dickerson, Jr.

About A.G. Gaston

Arthur George Gaston is not only the inspiration of this annual event, but directly inspired many business people in Alabama. He succeeded as a serial entrepreneur and empowered other African-Americans during a time when the nation legalized their oppression.

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